A Pox on Both Your Houses


Written and directed by Deborah Pollard

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Take your seat at home over three nights as three love stories, each set in a world of separation, gradually connect then resolve in a wondrous moment of connection with the online audience.

Part 1, ‘Tis a Zoom Bomber Juliet!, revisits the plot of Romeo and Juliet with a tech twist. The world’s most famous lovers use contemporary technology to interact, but it keeps failing and they lose contact. Juliet goes in search of Romeo on various social media platforms.

Part 2, Dear Betty, transports us to 1918 to follow Betty and Allan in a vivid, sometimes surreal depiction of the impact of the Spanish Flu and the horrors of WW1 on a young Sydney couple.

Part 3, A Dinner for Two, is your invitation to join a virtual dinner date with two young men, Conor and Ryan, who have just met online. Audience members are invited to cook the same meal before the show and to enjoy it while they watch the date unfold… Download the menu and recipes here and get cooking!

Written and directed by leading experimental Australian performance, theatre and installation artist Deborah Pollard.

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Content warning – M15+ (adult themes and coarse language)


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