Digital Theatre Festival

NIDA’s trailblazing Digital Theatre Festival was an ambitious reimagining of the storytelling landscape. Six world premieres were created specifically for the online space, and were highly interactive and often transmedia in nature.

Across a packed week, audiences tuned in from right across Australia, as well as the USA, UK, New Zealand, China, India, Japan, Singapore, and many parts of the Middle East and Europe.

In August, the shows streamed live from Zoom, YouTube and Twitch as well as from platforms created especially for the Festival. They embraced well-known genres such as farce, horror and science fiction, while tackling themes such as racism, colonialism, sexuality, grief, insularity and love and loss.

Entertaining and incisive, these shows are both a unique record of our times and anticipate what new times might bring as theatre continues to journey into digital realms.

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