Lemon Lime Kush a hybrid between O.G Kush x Lemon Joy strains. It is visually appealing and the trichrome are highly pronounced in it giving it a sparkly look. The overall appearance of the strain is nice, tight dense buds. This strain is very strong in its aroma, which is reminscent of lemon and limes, as the name suggests. The taste has been defined as spicy and hits you with a blast of pepper with strong lemony undertones. Smoking Lemon Lime Kush can elevate spirits almost instantly which descends into calming therapy-like effects as quickly as it gets you high. Lemon Lime Kush is used to treat anxiety, restlessness and lost appetites. Lemon Lime has mainly cerebral effects causing the person to function at a higher level and does not hit the user heavily. It lifts spirits and accentuates the auditory, visual and aromatic senses. Our budtenders recommend this strain for Depression, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and Stress. 60% Sativa / 40% Indica