Organic Seaweed $10/gm

UEM Seaweed

Organic Seaweed is a Sativa dominant Hybrid strain. This strain is notable for its lemony scent and taste. Although the origin of Seaweed remains unknown, it is known to be an outdoor grown strain grown on the west coast of British Columbia. The buds consist of light green leaves with an abundance of orange hairs, lightly dusted with trichomes. Recommended by our Budtenders for treating Depression and Stress and...

  • 15% Indica
  • 85% Sativa

God Tattoo $11/gm

god tattoo

God Tattoo is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain. The dense, dark green buds have a thick layer of orange hairs and emit a sweet, tantalizing scent that will have your craving more. A sweet state of blissful relaxation awaits you, with an initial uplifting and mood-boosting high that slowly transitions into a soothing body stone that will melt your worries away! We recommend God Tattoo to treat Loss of Appetite, ...

  • Indica 30%
  • Sativa 70%

Cream Cheese $10/gm

Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese is a balanced and mellow Indica dominant hybrid that is derived from crossing UK Skunk with Afghani (Indica). Cream Cheese has that heavy, old school flavor but with a rich, nutty undertone. The buds are characterized by copious wild orange hairs and vibrant green leaves complimented with a generous coating of trichomes.  This strain will wipe away your pain and enhance your senses, whilst leavin...

  • 30% Indica
  • 70% Sativa

Peaches $10/gm


Peaches is a Sativa dominant hybrid crossed between Soma #5 and Skunk #1. The fruity and floral fragrance of Peaches sets it apart from other strains instantly. Long, peach coloured hairs heavily distributed throughout the entire bud and a noticeable coating of trichomes add visual appeal to this strain. The high induced by Peaches manifests in extreme euphoria, followed closely by a burst of happiness and cr...

  • Indica 40%
  • Sativa 60%

Juicy Haze $10/gm


Juicy Haze is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain makes for a great daytime smoke. Light green buds nicely covered in trichomes. The flavor and smell of this strain is fruity with hints of spice. Great for patients dealing with anxiety, mood disorders, depression and lack of appetite. 60% Sativa 40% Indica...

  • 40% Indica
  • 60% Sativa

Mango Citrus $10/gm


Mango Citrus is a Sativa dominant strain with a sweet tropical & piney earth taste. It will provide a supreme cerebral high, lifting you up into the stratosphere and giving you that social, giggly, psychedelic & creative feeling like most Sativas. You'll take one puff with friends and you'll find yourself in some of the most in-depth conversations you've ever had. With an Indica finish, you'll have sli...

  • 45% Indica
  • 55% Sativa

Blueberry $10/gm


Blueberry is a Sativa dominant hybrid. This strain has larger buds & a peppery/sweet smell.  This is accentuated in the taste, along with the emergence of a more fruity flavor. The effects are long-lasting and uplifting, leaving you feeling elated and happy while allowing your body to go in deep relaxation that will leave you ready for sleep. This strain is recommended for Pain, Mood Disorders, Insomnia,...

  • 30% Indica
  • 70% Sativa

Silver Kush $8/gm

Silver Kush

Silver Kush is a Sativa dominant strain, that is a blend of Silver Bubble and OG #18, that immediately induces happines and will boost your mood. This is also paired with a subtle sense of relaxation. It has a piney smell with a skunky smoke and a great all around high. Excellent for people who need pain relief solutions to go about their daily business. Its sticky texture is great for marijuana vaporizing or ...

  • Indica 30%
  • Sativa 70%

Ice Wreck $10/gm

Ice Wreck

Ice Wreck is a 50/50 strain made by crossing Trainwreck and Ice. A plethora of long, fiery orange hairs are embedded throughout the minty green leaves of the bud, which is coated in golden trichomes. The flavour and scent are on the earthy side with a subtle hint of mint and pine. Ice Wreck is a heavy hitter, it will absolutely knock you off your feet. The Indica effects slowly permeate throughout your body, lea...

  • Indica 50%
  • Sativa 50%

Romulan Grapefruit $10/gm

romulan grapefruit

Romulan Grapefruit is a 50/50 hybrid cross between Romulan and, you guessed it, Grapefruit! Upon the first inhale, the flavour is sweet and citrusy with a gradual and slight earthy undertone. The flower is characterized by dark green leaves, dark orange hairs and dusted with trichomes. With the help from this hybrid, you can expect to feel uplifted, relaxed and sociable. This is a great strain for treating stres...

  • 50% Indica
  • Sativa 50%