Trainwreck Shatter $25/0.5gm, $45/gm

Trainwreck Shatter

Trainwreck shatter is derived from the famous Sativa dominant strain. This golden brown shatter provides the same potent Sativa effects as the flower, sending you on a mind-bending euphoric high that will hit you like a train and lasts and lasts. The taste is also something to savor also combining a sweet lemon taste with a slightly spicy pine-like aftertaste. We recommend Trainwreck to treat Depression, Stres...

Blue God Budder $55/gm

Blue God Budder

An almost pure Indica strain, Blue God Budder is an excellent source of pain medication. A cross of Blueberry and God Bud, this budder carries the same sweet berry flavor as the famous strain. The effects are almost purely Indica with a strong sense of relaxation and soothing body high noticeable within minutes of your first hit. Recommended to treat Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Depression, Fibromyalgia and Muscle ...

Blue Alien Budder $40/gm

Blue Alien Budderrr

Blue Alien is a strong Indica Budder made from a strain that crosses the notoriously delicious Blueberry strain and the spacey Indica Alien Kush. Seconds after smoking you'll be whisked away to a euphoric dreamland & later you'll start to feel the strong Indica effects. Great for the pursuit of relaxation and a good nights sleep. Recommended by our Budtenders to treat Pain, Stress, Depression, Muscle Spasms,...

Sour Diesel Shatter $50/gm

Sour Diesel Shatter

Sour Diesel Shatter is derived from the famous Sativa strain of the same name. This invigorating strain is named so due to it's powerful, diesel-like aroma and produces an uplifting and energizing cerebral high within minutes of your first hit. This golden, amber shatter is a must try for Sativa lovers and is ideal for all day medicating! Recommended to treat Depression, Stress, Mild Pain and Muscle Spasms....

Master Kush Budder $45/gm

Master Kush Budderr

Consisting of high levels of THC, Master Kush Budder is definitely a popular choice for many of our concentrate loving members!  Carefully extracted from the well-known indica strain, Master Kush, this budder’s physical and psychoactive/cerebral effects will slowly but surely creep up on you!  Our budtender’s recommend this potent concentrate for the relief of symptoms of PTSD, arthritis and/or chronic p...

Purple Candy Shatter $50/gm

Purple Candy Shatter 2017

This version of Purple Candy Shatter is a golden amber color that has a sweet, grape earthy flavor. This shatter is good for Insomnia, Stress, Pain and Lack of appetite. The effects of this wonderful shatter will leave you relaxed, sleepy, happy euphoric and looking for something to eat....

Forever Phoenix Flower Shatter $60/gm

Forever Phoenix Flower Shatterr

This mix of fine grade Kush Flower (100% Indica) blend of Super Kush and O.J. Kush is BHO extracted using the triple clean solvent N-butane. 100% organic 4x distilled ethanol is used to de-wax the oil. The oil then undergoes rigorous processing to remove and purge any solvents, contaminants, molds and free of any pesticides. Recommended to treat Insomnia, Pain, Anxiety and Stress. THC: 91% CBN: 1.10% CB...

  • 91% THC
  • 1.20% CBD
  • 1.10% CBN

Lunar Indica Shatter $50/gm


A potent Indica dominant shatter that is an ideal source of night time medication. We recommend Lunar Indica Shatter for those suffering from Insomnia, Arthritis, Muscle & Joint Pain and Loss of Appetite. 80% Indica 20% Sativa...

Hashberry Shatter $20/.5gm $40/gm


Hashberry Shatter is derived from the Indica strain Hashberry. Hashberry isn't your typical Indica as it doesn't always give you that overpowering couch-lock feeling when properly dosed. It's healing on a physical and mental level so it will alleviate your body pain and send your mind into a happy euphoric state. It has a sweet & spicy berry smell and taste and the smoke isn't too heavy. It is long lasting s...

  • 82.14% THC
  • 0.117% CBD

Cinderella 99 Shatter $20/0.5gm $40/gm

C-99 Shatter

Cinderella 99 is a Sativa dominant (70% Sativa / 30% Indica) strain boasting high levels of THC for functional daytime use. C-99 produces a dreamy body high with a wonderfully uplifting and euphoric mood boost. Provides energy and allows MMJ patients to increase creativity and feel uplifted.  Our Budtenders recommend this Princess child for Stress, Inflammation, Appetite Stimulation and Fatigue....

  • 81.45% THC