Sweet Tangerine $12/gm

Sweet Tangerine

Sweet Tangerine is a Sativa dominant strain crossed with Sweet Tooth x Tangerine Dream. The buds are fluffy, covered in bright orange hairs & crystals which boast a sweet fruity tangerine smell.  Expect a calm and happy high which is great for those suffering from Anxiety & Depression. Our budtenders also recommend Sweet Tangerine for ADHD, Loss of Appetite, PTSD, HIV/AIDS, and Chronic Pain. 70% Sa...

  • 30% Indica
  • 70% Sativa

Blue Grape $10/gm

UEM Blue Grape

Blue Grape is a sativa dominant strain. Crossed from Grapefruit X Blueberry. Upon the onset, you’ll feel awake, energized, and euphoric, ready to tackle your day. You may find yourself floating away into your own mind with deep introspective thoughts challenged by bursts of social energy. Blue Grape has an aroma of sweet blueberry . Our Budtenders recommend Blue Grape for Motivation and Mood elevation....

  • 30% Indica
  • 70% Sativa

Walkabout $10/gm


Walkabout: Ready for an adventure? Walkabout is a combination of outdoor varieties from ultimate sources including Thai, Haze, India, early Skunks, Mexicans and New Guinea.   A sativa dominant hybrid, you will be in for a surprise each and every time you have some.  Keeps you focused and awake so you can “walkabout” your day with ease.  Great for Anxiety, Stress and Pain relief. 90% Sativa / 10% Indic...

  • 10% Indica
  • 90% Sativa

Juicy Fruit $10/gm

Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit is gonna move ya! This strain is the love child of pure Afghani Indica and pure Thai Sativa making it an effective Hybrid for dual medicinal effects. The smell and taste will put a smile on your face and is a sweet tropical citrus flavour that will have you feeling like you're on a nice warm beach. Great for when you wake up as it delivers intense euphoria and will have your day soaring by with a ha...

  • 40% Indica
  • 60% Sativa

Hempstar $12/gm

UEM Hempstar

Hempstar is a sativa-dominant strain that has large light green buds. This strain has a mild taste and traditional sativa effects that can make you feel Relaxed, Happy and Uplifted but can leave you feeling sleepy by the time you are done. This strain is recommended for Depression, Stress, Nausea, Lack of Appetite and Pain....

Burmese $12/gm

#UEM Burmese

Burmese is a sativa strain that tends to give users a calm, mellow outlook. This light green colored strain has a coating of orange hairs and crystals. The Uplifting, Euphoric effects tend to come on slowly but can be strong and long-lasting once they do making this a perfect Creative strain. This strain is recommended for Stress, Depression, Pain, Lack of Appetite and Insomnia....

  • 35% Indica
  • 65% Sativa

Texada Timewarp $10/gm

UEM Texada Timewarp

Texada Timewarp, a Sativa dominant hybrid, is an outdoor strain that has been around for years and originates from Vancouver Island. With a sweet, citrus aroma and a clean burn this strain will give you a soothing body buzz and an elevated cerebral effect. Our budtenders recommend Texada Timewarp for treating Depression, Anxiety and Stress....

  • 30% Indica
  • 70% Sativa

Silver Purple Haze $12/gm

Silver Purple Haze Apr 2017

Silver Purple Haze: This beautiful strain has large abundant purple buds with a medium to dark foresty-green color with a coating of crystals. This strain has a mixture of sweet and earthy smells that is underscored by notes of berry and almost minty aroma. The uplifting effects are a great remedy for high stress levels our budtenders recommend when suffering from pain and a lack of appetite or nausea. 80% Sati...

  • 20% Indica
  • 80% Sativa

Afghani Haze $30 / 3.5gm

UEM Afghani Haze

Afghani is a powerful Sativa dominant Strain with high THC levels. Afghani burns clean and white and has a very mild smell with fluffy buds and a generous coating of orange hairs. This Strain is recommended for helping the symptoms of Anxiety, Pain and for Mood Elevation....

  • 40% Indica
  • 60% Sativa

Pre-Rolled Joints $5 each

Pre-Rolls 222

Available in Indica blend, Sativa blend, and Hybrid blend. PLEASE NOTE: Strains are subject to availability. Please inquire in-store!...