Red Congolese $13/Gm

Red Congolese

Red Congolese is a beautiful, smooth, 100% Sativa strain. Red Congolese provides an energetic, yet tranquil high. Often used as a wake and bake strain. This accompanies a light body high with amplified senses. Red Congolese has light fluffy bud that are light green in colour and smell very sweet. Ideal for those suffering Bi-Polar disorder, Depression & Stress...

  • 100% Sativa

Super Mario Organic

UEM - Super Mario

Super Mario is 100% Organic. Low THC with high CBD percentage. Perfect for day time medicating. Wonderfully grown, bright green coated in Trichome and orange hairs. Earthy scent, with hints of vanilla. 70% Sativa 30% Indica...

  • 30% Indica
  • 70% Sativa

Super Lemon Haze $10/gm

UEM - Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is the perfect strain to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down. A cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, this strain will come on strong and last a long time, giving you that boost of energy to get all your errands done. With a sweet, candy-like lemon scent and flavour, this is perfect as an all-day smoke as it produces a very clear-headed, euphoric and uplifting high. Best used...

  • 20% Indica
  • 80% Sativa

Juicy Haze $8/gm

Juicy Haze

Juicy Haze is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain makes for a great day smoke. Light green buds nicely covered in trichomes. The flavor and smell of this strain is fruity with hints of spice. Great for patients dealing with anxiety, mood disorders, depression and lack of appetite. 60% Sativa 40% Indica  ...

  • 40% Indica
  • 60% Sativa

Larry OG $9/gm

Larry OG Aug

Larry OG is a balanced hybrid cross between OG Kush x SFV OG. The nugs are tight, medium in size, with hues of light green, dark green, & purple. Lemon Larry  has a strong earthy scent with piney lemon undertones, common to the ocean-grown family. The effects hit you with strong euphoria at first that will lift your mood while totally relaxing your body, leaving you in a state of bliss. For this reason, ou...

  • 55% Sativa
  • 45% Indica

Purple Haze $11/gm

Purple Haze

Purple Haze: This beautiful sativa strain has large abundant buds with a medium to dark foresty-green color with a coating of crystals. This strain has a mixture of sweet and earthy smells that is underscored by notes of berry and almost minty aroma. The uplifting effects are a great remedy for high stress levels our budtenders recommend when suffering from pain and a lack of appetite or nausea. 85% Sativa 15% ...

  • 15% Indica
  • 85% Sativa

Trainwreck $10/gm

Trainwreck Oct 2017

Trainwreck is an Indica dominant hybrid derived from crossing an Afghani Indica with a Mexican Sativa. The buds are light and sticky in structure, with a generous coating of orange hairs and emits an earthy,piney scent when smoked. After an initial euphoric buzz that will enhance mood and creativity, this medicine will provide a nice mellow body high that will help with chronic aches and pains. Our Budtenders...

  • 35% Indica
  • 65% Sativa

Pineapple Express $11/gm

UEM Pineapple Xpress

Pineapple Express is a tasty, Sativa dominant strain that will leave you wanting more! The beautiful buds are medium green with lots of orange hairs and a lovely coating of thick trichomes. This particular strain carries a fresh pineapple-like scent with a strong hint of citrus. This is a great choice for a daytime smoke. Pineapple Express will provide energizing, psychoactive effects paired with a ...

  • 20% Indica
  • 80% Sativa

Sea Weed $10/gm

UEM Seaweed

Organic Sea Weed is a Sativa dominant Hybrid strain, This strain has a an earthy lemon smell and taste. Grown outdoors common to the coast of British Columbia Light green leaves with an abundance of Orange hairs, lightly dusted with crystals. Recommended by our Budtenders for Depression and Stress. 85% Sativa 15% Indica...

  • 15% Indica
  • 85% Sativa

Love Potion $11/gm

Love Potion

Love Potion is a Sativa dominant strain that is true to its name. The buds are a vibrant, rich green and interspersed with long dark orange hairs. The earthy aroma of Love Potion is mixed with hints of citrus and lime; just the scent of this strain will leave you feeling intoxicated. Users have described this strain as a tenacious aphrodisiac and the euphoria induced by Love Potion will be felt immediately upon...

  • 30% Indica
  • 70% Sativa