Flyte Oil THC Distillate $55 each

Flyte THC Oil

This Vape Distillate works on any 510 Thread Pen.  Check for Available flavours. THC-72.34% THCA-0.072% CBD-0.171% CBG-1.48% CBN-0.627%  ...

For Aces Phoenix Tears CBD Oil $65

UEM For Aces CBD Oil

Phoenix Tears CBD Oil from For Aces is lab tested Phoenix Tears Oil, high in CBD, so it is only mildly psychoactive compared to Phoenix Tears with a high THC content. Used as an edible or a topical for localized pain relief. We recommend Phoenix Tears CBD Oil for Pain, Insomnia, Inflammation, Migraines, Arthritis & Epilepsy. Lab testing: THC: 11.70 mg/ml THCA: 0.30 mg/ml CBD: 399.00 mg/ml CBD...

  • 11.70mg THC
  • 399.00mg CBD
  • 0.90mg CBN

For Aces 50/50 Phoenix Tears $50

UEM For Aces 50 50 Oil

Phoenix Tears from For Aces is a potent oil with amazing medicinal capabilities. Our budtenders recommend this particular oil for Chronic Pain Relief. THC: 216.17 mg/g THCA: 0.50 mg/g CBD: 181.36 mg/g CBDA: 3.95 mg/g CBN: 15.5 mg/g    ...

  • 216 mg THC
  • 181 mg CBD
  • 15.5 mg CBN

Forever Phoenix Goji Oil $50/gm

Forever Pheonix Goji Oil- cropped

Instructions: Take orally or add to your food or beverage for easy ingestion. This product does not require any heat to activate. Keep in a cool, dry place. Dosage: Product contains 600mg of THC per 1.3g syringe. To start, take 2-3 doses per day the size of a grain of rice. Most people can tolerate doubling the dose amount every 4-7 days, at a rate no higher than 0.5mg of main active ingredient (either THC or...

  • 600mg THC

MKU Honey Oil $60/gm

MKU Oil New

MKU Honey Oil is a powerhouse Indica dominant oil that derives from the strain cross between G-13 and OG Kush genetics. This oil shares the potency of the earthy and woody smelling strain and the pungent smoky flavour. The effects are fast acting and hypnotic, a dreamy happy cerebral feeling coupled with full body relaxation-best used when strong medication is needed. It is a perfect natural remedy for nighttim...