Comatose Kush Hash $22/Gm

Comatose Kush Hash

Comatose Kush Hash is a real treat for any hash lover. This Indica strain creates a functional body high accompanied by a wonderful euphoric feeling. Its soft, workable, smells musty and earthy, as a kush should! This strain is recommended for those suffering anxiety, depression, loss of appetite & chronic pain.   80% Indica 20% Sativa...

  • 80% Indica
  • 20% Sativa

Habibi Moroccan Hash $22/Gm

Habibi Moroccan Hash 500px

Habibi is an Arabic word that means “my love”, and you will love the Habibi Moroccan Hash! Our budtenders recommend it for nighttime use to wash away the fatigue of the day and relax completely!...

Pink Kush Hash $22/gm

Pink Kush Hash Oct 2017

Extracted from the popular indica strain Pink Kush, Pink Kush Hash is an excellent choice for our members looking for a potent evening remedy.  The gorgeous, sand-like colour of this hash is complimented by its strong/sweet scent and taste.  Our budtender’s recommend Pink Kush Hash for our members suffering from stress/depression disorders or insomnia; to aide in a great night’s sleep!...

Kush Hash $22/gm


Our Kush Hash is solventless and made by using dry ice to extract the THC from Kush bud. This Hash will have you feeling relaxed, happy and will alleviate any body pain. A great medicinal strain after a long day to help you unwind. It has a smooth spicy taste and smell, as well as a soft texture. Our budtenders recommend Kush Hash for Insomnia, Pain, Migraines, Stress and Appetite Stimulation....