Island Botanicals Vixen Rosin .5gm/ $40 – 1gm / $80

Vixen Rosin

Vixen Rosin is a high terpene tested in the 100th percentile for terpinolene. The sweet piney taste of this rosin is amazing and will leave you craving more! This solventless rosin is extremely potent however, so a little will go a long way! A strong cerebral high is felt at first before leaving you in a state of total relaxation. Recommended to treat Depression, Mild Pain and Anxiety  ...

  • 40% Indica
  • 60% Sativa

AK-47 Shatter $25/0.5gm $40/gm

UEM - AK-47 Shatter

AK-47 is a Sativa dominant strain with genetics from Columbian, Mexican, Thai & Afghani strains. With a high THC content, AK is a "one hit wonder" for many smokers. AK has mostly Sativa characteristics. The buzz is immediate and long lasting with an alert but mellow cerebral effect. This variety can be a little spacey, but is great for day time use. AK-47 is great for Pain, Stress and Anxiety. 70% Sativa / ...

  • 30% Indica
  • 70% Sativa

Purple VooDoo Shatter by Golden Dreams $50/gm

Purple Voodoo Shatter

Purple Voodoo has a long heritage of true hybrids, giving it a 50/50 mix with a solid balance of THC and CBD. You may find relief from inflammation, depression, pain and lack of appetite, coupled with a relaxed and creative head effect. A locally and organically grown strain with a sweet, berry aroma....

  • 50% Indica
  • 50% Sativa

Mango Haze Shatter by Golden Dreams $50/gm

Mango Haze Shatter

Mango Haze Shatter is a Sativa dominant strain that smells and tastes of  sweet & citrus flavors. This nearly crystal clear shatter leaves you feeling uplifted, euphoric & energetic. This is the perfect strain to help you get things accomplished! If your looking for a strain to help you focus, Mango Haze is the on for you. Recommended for Arthritis, Muscles Spams, Depression & Stress...

  • 20% Indica
  • 80% Sativa

Green Crack Budder by Flawless $60/gm

Green Crack Budder

Green Crack Budder is a beautiful, smooth Sativa concentrate created from the Green Crack strain. As a sativa, green crack is meant to energize & uplift the patient. Budder can be a much easier treatment option for those suffering muscles spams, shaky hands or Parkinson disease. Recommended for Fatigue, depression and migraines....

  • 10% Indica
  • 90% Sativa

Purple Candy Shatter by Golden Dreams $50/gm

Purple Candy Shatter 2017

This version of Purple Candy Shatter is a golden amber colour that has a sweet, grape earthy flavour. This shatter is good for Insomnia, Stress, Pain and Lack of appetite. The effects of this wonder will leave you feeling relaxed, sleepy, happy euphoric and looking for something to eat. 80% Indica / 20% Sativa...

  • 80% Indica
  • 20% Sativa

Honey Moonrock $45/gm

Honeymoon Rocks 2017

This is the perfect product for all of you Indica lovers out there! Made of Indica Kush Bud coated in Indica Kush Honey Oil & rolled in Indica Kief Hash. These Moonrocks are very potent!...

  • Indica