For Aces CBD Oil Cap 32mg $5 each

For Aces CBD Oil Caps contain 32mg of CBD per capsule. Start with 1 cap (32mg) 1 to 2 times a day for a daily CBD dose of 64mg for treatment of mild Pain and Inflammation. Also known to treat cases of Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Stress, Depression and Obesity....

  • 0.96mg
  • 32mg
  • 0.07mg

For Aces OG Kush 50/50 5mg Caps $3/each

These 50/50 capsules are a blend of THC and CBD extracted from OG Kush to give the best relief. Fast-acting and provide MMJ patients with strong pain relief for aches and pains. The THC/CBD provides hours of comfort & relaxation. Users have experienced a heavy body sensation. Recommended for new users or for those who do not want to a potent high associated with THC. Our budtenders recommend these capsule...

  • 2.5mg THC
  • 2.5mg CBD

For Aces Hash Caps $6

Excellent way to relax at the end of a long day! Our Hash capsules are an excellent alternative to smoking while providing instant relief from aches and pains. Our budtenders recommend the Hash Caps to alleviate Stress, Anxiety, Muscle & Joint Pain and Insomnia. THC: 27.86 mg THCA: 2.20 mg CBC: 2.43 mg CBN: 6.34 mg...

  • 27.86mg THC
  • 6.34mg CBN