Legends Haze $10/gm

Legends Haze is a sativa Dominant strain produced in BC. The genetics are a bit of a secret but when you look on these dense buds your mouth will start to water. The crystals are quite amazing with a scent similar to the old school sativa strains. Our budtenders recommend for Anxiety, depression and mood elevation....

  • 80% Indica
  • 20% Sativa

Pineapple Chunk $10/gm

Pineapple Chunk is a sweet tasting Sativa dominant Hybrid strain that is a 3 way cross of Skunk #1, Cheese and Pineapple. The dense frosty buds have a tantalizing sweet aroma with an equally enjoyable flavor. This strain has powerful painkilling effects due to having a high dose of CBD, usually about 1-2%. You also experience a mood-altering, uplifting high to help you laugh your troubles away! Recommended to ...

  • 45% Indica
  • 55% Sativa

Strawberry Cream $10/gm

Strawberry Cream is a great strain for stress-relief,  without the jarring paranoia, common among one of the higher THC strains. It has a distinct strawberry smell with dense buds and to top it off its covered in  THC Crystals. Our Budtenders recommend it for Chronic pain, Chronic fatigue, and Mild depression.  ...

  • 30% Indica
  • 70% Sativa

Jack Herer $10/gm

Jack Herer is a sativa dominant hybrid that is an award winning strain, it is a massive hit among both new and long-time smokers. It has a earthy, almost sweet scent and flavor, with gorgeous large buds covered in bright orange hairs. The high is mostly cerebral, very uplifting and creative, making it fantastic for Stress and Anxiety. It also offers a mellow body high that can help with Pain....

  • 40% Indica
  • 60% Sativa

Level Distillate Cart 1gm $85

This Cart is available in 1 full gram Cart for your 510 thread pen. 84% THC Concentration Ask your Budtender for available flavours...

Orange Cream $11/gm

Orange Cream is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid. Orange cream is a cross between orange crush and ice cream. The aroma of this medical strain is highly orange-like and slightly sweet. In terms of flavor, it tastes like candy. When you use this medical marijuana strain, you will instantly feel very relaxed, tingly and body buzz. If you are looking for appetite stimulation, or something that gives you relief from body or...

  • 30% Indica
  • 70% Sativa

Nepali Kush $10gm

Nepali Kush is a double hash plant Afgani x Nepalese hybrid. It has an unmistakable flavour of high quality hashish with a thick coating of sticky trichomes. The effect is very pleasant and relaxing and can last several hours. The hash is definitely breathtaking and reserved for seasoned users. Nepali is best used for treating insomnia, stress and anxiety  ...

  • 80% Indica
  • 20% Sativa

Seego Flip Battery $25/ Each

The Seego flip battery has a 510 thread, compatible with most distillate cartridges. Available in black colour only....

Northern Lights Haze $10/gm

Northern Lights Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid that starts off with a euphoric head high, and very little munchies. This strain wont put you to sleep but you may end up feeling lazy or lethargic. Our budtenders recommend this strain for Arthritis, Depression & Mood Disorders.   70% Sativa 30% Indica...

  • 30%
  • 70% Sativa

Assassin OG

Assassin OG is an Indica dominant shatter. This potent cross between Sour Diesel X OG Kush indica starts with a potent head high slipping into a nice couch lock. This has a nice smelling diesel and lemon skunk scent. Our budtenders recomend for pain, migraines, nausea, and muscle spasms....