Anesthesia is an Indica dominant created from the crossing of Afghan Skunk and Herojuana. True to its name, Anesthesia is an impressively sedating strain. You can expect a pungent, musky and earthy aroma and a sweet flavour. Dark green leaves, spindly orange hairs, and a generous coating of trichomes are indicative of Anesthesia. Shortly after inhalation, you can expect to feel infused with a calming sensation and slowly feel even the most chronic pain drift away. Be warned, this is a potent strain best suited for those looking for the relief of chronic pain and therefore may not be suited for first-time users. Set yourself up with snacks galore for Anesthesia WILL make you hungry. Our budtenders recommend this strain for treating Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Stress, and Lack of Appetite.

Indica 90% / Sativa 10%