• Fellowships

Awards and Fellowships

There are a number of fellowships and awards open to NIDA graduates and industry practitioners to assist them to further their skills and experience or develop their practice through additional work or study opportunities in Australia and abroad.

STC and NIDA Pathways Commission

NIDA and Sydney Theatre Company (STC) are proud to announce a new pathway for NIDA writing graduates, supported by the Longes Family. The STC and NIDA Pathways Commission will enable a theatrical work to be developed and considered for future production.

The Gloria Payten and Gloria Dawn Fellowships

NIDA administers The Gloria Dawn and Gloria Payten Fellowships on behalf of the trustees of the Gloria Dawn and Gloria Payten Foundations.

The Mike Walsh Fellowships

The Mike Walsh Fellowships are open to NIDA graduates of the last ten years. Note, however, that an graduate is not eligible to apply within the two years following the last year of study.

Loudon Sainthill Memorial Scholarship

Administered by NIDA, the Loudon Sainthill Memorial Scholarship is designed to support the international travel of a young Australian designer in hopes they are able to further their expertise in design.

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