Medical Marijuana in Canada – Vancouver Dispensary

“Natural treatment possibilities” at our Vancouver Dispensary

Urban Earth Med’s Vancouver Cannabis Dispensary is dedicated to providing a professional, safe, private environment to qualified members who require access to medical marijuana in Canada. Find the best marijuana strains at our Vancouver Dispensary on Kingsway in Vancouver, BC. Marijuana is an essential medicine to a variety of individuals for treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. Our Vancouver marijuana dispensary will assist you in finding the best ways to treat your condition with the most beneficial medical marijuana in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

Urban Earth Med Society is a non-profit society dedicated to offering our members respect, compassion and ongoing education. At our Vancouver dispensary, we strive to help persons with valid medical conditions by providing a selection of high quality strains of medical marijuana in Canada. We will only provide Medical Marijuana/Cannabis strains on a doctor-approved, not for re-sale basis. Products purchased from our Vancouver marijuana dispensary is for responsible, medical use only.

How to become a member of our Vancouver Cannabis Dispensary

To become a member of our medical marijuana dispensary and be eligible to purchase products made from medical marijuana in Canada, you must complete our application steps: see forms here

Weekly Special

Kemo $8 / Gm

Kemo is an indica dominant strain with a pungent earthy wood aroma. Known for it's medicinal value and potency, Kemo is generally recommended as a evening to nighttime smoke as it strength lies in body pain relief and nausea. Geared towards those struggling with side effects of Chemotherapy, our Budtenders suggest using Kemo for Pain, Nausea, Anxiety, PTSD and as an Appetite Stimulant. Expect a clean burnin...